As we move into December, and the holiday season, our calendar is filling up fast with lots of fun and merriment.  Our resident Christmas party will be December 22, with a cookie exchange, and lots of games and fun for our residents.  Due to Covid restrictions, we will be unable to have residents’ family members join us for this party.  We continue to have crafts, games and happy hour each month and the residents are enjoying the activities.  During our last Resident Counsel Meeting it was determined they wanted more days of Bingo and Cards, so you will see that reflected on the calendar.   

Please remember the activities room is available for everyone to use, and we want people to use it!  Please note if you and your family use the activities room please clean up after yourselves.  Make sure to wash and put away all dishes and empty trash so the room is ready for the next group or activity.  We love having people using the room and staying active, so let’s make sure it’s always ready.  Have a Happy Holiday Season!