Maintenance Memo’s

March came in like a lamb giving us all a little bit of spring fever.  With is this in mind, lets go over a few tips to get our homes and yards ready for warmer weather.  The following is list of a few things to do to help prepare for warmer weather and spending more time outside.

First, clean out your vents.  Any vent that leads outside wether the bathroom, range, or dryer should be cleaned out.  Remove any lint from inside the house, then go outside and clean away any leaves, plants or other debris from the opening.  Replace any screens that may be necessary and ensure all plants, grass and other items are clear.  This will help prevent fires, keep them from growing inside your house, and ensure no vermin can enter the house via the vents.    


Replace any window screens that may have torn or been damaged the past year or during the winter.  This ensure no insects or other pests can enter your home.  Most hardware stores carry screens, window screen repair kits and are relatively inexpensive. 

Inspect your homes exterior.  Check for loose siding, peeling paint or other problems.  Fixing them before spring rains start can help prevent further damage and help keep mold and mildew from growing. 

Remove dead plants, shrubs and tree’s from your yard.  Dead plants can be a fire hazard and can detract from the beauty of your yard and home.  Planting in the spring allows new plants a longer period of time to develop a solid root system, which means less chance of having to replant the next spring.

Check your air conditioner.  Having your air conditioner serviced prior to hot summer weather ensures that when you really need it, it will work well for you. 

Happy spring!  I hope these idea’s help keep your home spring time ready!