A note from the Administrator, Barbie Jackson:

Hello all!

As most of you know, some may not, I had an emergency C-section December 16th and gave birth to my son 8 weeks prematurely, weighing 2lbs 12oz. We named him Kaden Allen. He had to spend 30 days in the NICU till he was strong enough to come home.  Kaden only weighed 4lbs when he was discharged from the NICU and was only 36 gestation age. We hibernated at home for several weeks until he gained weight and was beyond his due date ( February 7th) before I would take him out in public. He is striving and doing AWESOME!! He weighs over 8lbs now and is just over 3 months old. Thank you all for being so understanding in my absence! I am beyond grateful for all the residents, staff, and family members of Country Lane! You may see me wondering the facility with baby Kaden in tow 😊

God Bless,