Walk the Plant

First, we were told that we should talk or sing
to our houseplants to help them grow. Now we’re told that we have to take them for a
walk on Take Your Houseplant for a Walk
Day on July 27? While it is true that a study conducted by the UK’s Royal Horticultural Society demonstrated that women’s voices helped tomato plants grow at a faster rate
than men’s voices, there has not yet been a conclusive study to declare that plants enjoy going on walks with their owners. But don’t
let that stop you!

This day isn’t just a day to take your houseplant for a walk but to shower your houseplants with attention. They’ve been indoors for many months and might like a bit of sunlight and fresh air. Moreover, houseplants need a good dusting. Dusty leaves inhibit photosynthesis, and a plant’s health could suffer. Furthermore, walking outside with your houseplant will benefit you, too. Gardening has long been proven to be a stress reducer. So, too, is taking a walk with your houseplant.