A Note Maintenance- Alan Morrow

Tasks to continue through the winter!

  • Exterior Tasks
    • Continue to monitor the roof for any ice dams or damage. Icicles hanging from your roof line is an indication of a poorly insulated attic and a potential ice damn threat.
    • For heavy snow years, make sure your roof can sustain the weight. Otherwise, get a roof rake to remove large snow loads.
    • Keep large snowdrifts from piling up against your home.
    • Use sand or gravel on walkways for traction. Salt/ice-melt is also effective but has a narrow operating temperature range and isn’t very environmentally friendly.
    • Keep driveways and walkways clear of snow between storms.
    • Maintain your snow removal equipment.
  • Interior Tasks
    • Monitor windows and doors for drafts.
    • During deep cold spells (less than 15 degrees for more than 24 hours) keep all interior doors open to encourage heat circulation.
    • Replace your HVAC air filter every three months.