Talks with Tarra, RN

March is National Nutrition Month!  The campaign originally began as National Nutrition Week and was first launched in 1973, with the theme “Invest in Yourself – Buy Nutrition. Our overall health is a balance of diet, exercise, rest, and hereditary traits. While we do not have control over heredity, we do control the other three. Nutrition is one of the biggest factors in our health. What we eat can significantly increase or decrease our risk factors for disease and injury. Most studies agree that including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and proteins comprise a healthy diet. Here are few simple ways to help get started:

  • Set a nutrition and exercise goal.
  • Try healthier versions of your favorite dishes.
  • Add a new exercise routine to spice up your workouts.
  • Invite a friend to join you on the journey.
  • Speak with your physician to help you make smart changes