Talk with Tarra RN

Lets take the time to recognize caregivers! The loved ones, or friends who take the time to care for those in need often go unrecognized!  It’s a fact: caring for another person is stressful. Even though caregiving is one of the most rewarding and selfless acts of kindness a family member can provide, its challenges equal its gifts. Sometimes these roles are taken for granted by societies and individuals as a ‘natural’ expectation for what families do. However, heres a few ideas how we can help and how they can make self care a priority. 

1. Offer help! Make sure caregivers have time for self care. 

2. Caregivers should manage their own health so they are healthy enough to provide care. Don't skip health appointments, eat healthy and exercise

3. Communicate effectively with doctors. Keep a list of all the things that need to be discussed, whether its about the caregiver, or the loved one. Don't be afraid to discuss sensitive topics, and ask providers for guidance or referrals for help!

4. Take respite breaks! Search your community and surrounding areas that help with daycare or longer respite. 

Country Lane provides respite care for families with loved ones with dementia. Whether it's a day time need, or several days in a row, we can provide all the necessary care while caregivers and loved ones take the time they need. 

Annndddd drum roll please- November 2nd is National Deviled Egg Day! No worries, I have already told Bill in the kitchen! Happy November!