A Note from Tarra, RN

The weather is still nice in many parts of the country, but soon enough we’ll be dealing with cold temperatures, snow, sleet, and rain. The winter months can be challenging for us as we age. Before we face winter head on, here are some ideas to help all of us prepare.

1. Be mindful about your diet. Now more than ever, you want to be sure you’re eating your fruits and vegetables, limiting your junk food and taking the proper vitamins to supplement your diet. This gives your immune system the best chance to fight off illnesses.

2. Wear the right shoes for the weather. To combat ice and snow related accidents, be sure to always wear the right shoes for the weather. Check the forecast and if rain, sleet or snow is a possibility, choose footwear that is non-slip, sturdy and warm.

3. Dress in layers. This advice is applicable to both indoors and outdoors – dress in layers! Layers will keep you warmer and are also easier to shed if you overheat. For an aging loved one, it can be increasingly difficult to regulate your own body temperature.

4. Be prepared for power outages. Another necessity for staying healthy in the winter is extra candles, flashlights, and blankets. If your power should go out, you will need to remain warm and comfortable in your home until it is fixed.

5. Spend more time with friends and family.  Another aspect of your health in the winter months that can be challenging is your emotional health. Many people suffer depression in the winter and the best way to proactively combat this is to spend dedicated time with family and friends. Everyone in the facility and the cottages are welcome to attend all scheduled activities. Anyone can also use the activity room for socializing when activities are not scheduled. Don’t forget that there is a continuous game of pitch happening all day long! Please join them!